Distributing Twine stories for offline usage with Progressive Web Apps
We took a look at the most minimal effort possible in order to get offline support for Twine stories across multiple platforms. This ended up being a Progressive Web App with Service Workers caching assets.
Twelve-Factor Apps, Sidecars, and Big Data
Heroku's twelve-factor methodology is a way of designing web applications that are portable across environments and different cloud providers. Sidecars are a design pattern which make applications more portable within your own infrastructure. Both of these can be applied to the Big Data world and we have a lot we can learn from them.
Big Data Technology Warsaw Summit 2018
A report from Big Data Technology Warsaw Summit 2018
The Damhof Four Quadrant Model And Recognition of Shadow IT In Data
The Damhof Four Quadrant Model describes the ideal data flows in a Business Intelligence process, and recognising and working with the Shadow IT components is really important for the success of your business
Announcing Staticli 1.0.0
Today marks the first stable release of Staticli - a commandline application which provides a number of different static site generators in a single binary package.
LGBT STEMinar 2018
Our lessons from the 2018 LGBT STEMinar
What we learned at nonbinary.tech
This weekend the first ever nonbinary in tech event took place in London, and I had the privilege of attending.
Firewall Testing With Docker
Sometimes you can't ssh into Docker hosts to test firewalls. Luckily you can do it from within a Docker container.
Slack Cultures
What I learned in the move from IRC to four Slack teams
Publishing Avro to Kafka in R
How I'm submitting the results of R models to Kafka