Firewall Testing With Docker
Sometimes you can't ssh into Docker hosts to test firewalls. Luckily you can do it from within a Docker container.
Slack Cultures
What I learned in the move from IRC to four Slack teams
Publishing Avro to Kafka in R
How I'm submitting the results of R models to Kafka
Berlin Buzzwords - the best bits
I've been in Germany for Berlin Buzzwords this week. Here's the best bits from the conference.
Getting started with testing Kafka
There can be a gap between the people being asked to support a Kafka cluster and the people who's job it is to produce and consume from it. In this blog post we aim to quickly get you up and running with a local instance as well as some portable tooling to test it.
European Data Conferences
I turned my list of upcoming data conferences into a proper webpage
When does a project need Hadoop?
When should you use Hadoop in your big data project? Alice takes a slightly tongue in cheek look at when you should and shouldn't use Hadoop.
Visited Countries Website
Say you travel quite a lot, you may even consider yourself a collector of countries. Say you're also more than happy using github and related tools. Well then I think I have the tool for you.
Towards a realtime streaming architecture
Outline of the streaming architecture we are standardising around in the data tribe at Sky Betting & Gaming
When Hadoop tools disagree with each other
We recently saw an 8-year spike on one of our graphs recently. It caused much amusement when it was tweeted out, but there’s actually a good story behind this apparent 8-year lag in data processing.